DEBT RECOVERY for your business

Accounts Management Group is dedicated to ensuring you receive payment of invoices that have run past their due date and are eating into your bottom line. No longer do you have to worry about overdue debtors and waste valuable time chasing up money, time which could be better spent focusing on your day to day business.

Our team of accounting specialists makes the accounting process simple, quick and hassle free. We do all the hard work for you and approach each case very seriously - no matter what the size. If we can’t get the invoice settled, we simply don’t get paid. That’s our guarantee - the effort we put in is results driven!


At Accounts Management Group we make sure we understand the reason your customers fall behind in paying their invoices on time. This ensures the debt recovery process is handled in the most professional and efficient manner and helps minimise debt for future business activities.

The ultimate benefit of using a debt collection agency or professional debt collector is that you deal with a specialized business with dedicated systems and knowledge of debt management. We take the tedious and sometimes awkward process from you and make it our top priority.


We are happy to answer all your questions and welcome you to contact us anytime via email or telephone.

As we do have a high volume of telephone activity, if we do not answer immediately please leave a message regarding your debt inquiry and we will return your call as quickly as possible.

Phone: (07) 5530 3292